• Mr. Namish Jaiswal (B.Com.) started a venture of ‘Packaged Drinking Water’ supplier named Crystal Water Supply, Vadodara.
  • Mr. Virendra Thakor (B.Sc. Mechatronics) started a partnership firm ‘TVS Bikes ShowRoom’ in Vadodara.
  • A team of students created a street food delivery app.
  • A café with a library, a Music store, and Board games was started by Mr. Gaurav Chouhan.
  • Arjun Bairagi and Aakash Agrawal created natural fertilizers
  • We care for you! Shasvat Mehta and Aniket Bhatia innovated a sensor for bikes that starts only if the rider is wearing a helmet.
  • A team of students discovered a process to recycle waste paper to water and fireproof fabric which can be used tomake doormats, rugs, curtains and other items
  • Balanced Diet is a dream! Students of TLSU designed a smart container which holds dry goods, measures and calculatesthe nutrient content of each serving and automatically refills itself by placing orders from online delivery services.
  • Innovation it is! TLSU students created a cap which fits almost all the wide open sipper/water bottles and filters water as you pour it for a drink, and allows you to get Hot, Cold or Normal water
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