Frequently Asked Questions

For Campus Programs

Can I get some details about the establishment of TeamLease Skills University (TLSU)?

TeamLease Skills University (TLSU) is a private university established under Gujarat Private Universities (Amendment) Act, 2013 vide Gujarat Act. No. 18 of 2013. TeamLease Skills University (India’s First Vocational Skills University) has been established under Public-Private Partnership with Department of Labour & Employment, Government of Gujarat. TLSU has been sponsored by TeamLease Education Foundation, a company registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956. The University is governed by the Gujarat Private Universities (GPU) Act, 2009

When will the admission process start?

Applications for seeking admission will be available from 1st February up to 30th May for Admission Session 2016-17. The last date for submission of duly filled in Application Form is 30th June 2016.

When will the classes begin?

Academic Session commences from 21st July 2014.

What would be the University timing?

The University plan to work for six days a week from 9 to 5 p.m.

Can I pursue Master’s Degree in another University after 2 / 3 Year program?

Yes, a student can pursue Master’s Degree in another University after successful completion 3-year degree from TLSU.

Will TLSU graduates be eligible for appearing in UPSE exams?

Yes, those who have completed three year graduation from TLSU can participate in many competitive examinations but not all. However, students are advised to refer to the eligibility criteria prescribed by the respective organization to gather exact details.

What is the scholarship value and how many students will be benefited by the same?

The Students are eligible for TLSU Scholarship based on the merit list prepared at the time of admission. For details, contact Admission Section during the admission process. The information pertaining to Scholarships provided by various government and other agencies shall also be made available to the students during the admission process.

What types of programmes are offered by the University?

The type of programmes University is offering is given below:
• 2 year Associate Degree Programmes
• 3 year Degree Programmes

What are the 2 year Associate Degree Programmes offered by University?

2 Year Associate Degree Programmes offered by the University are
• Associate Degree in Finance and Business Operations (FBO)
• Associate Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management (HTM)
• Associate Degree in IT-Infrastructure Management Systems (IT-IMS)
• Associate Degree in Applied Science (Mechatronics) [MS]

What is the reason for the offer of 2-year Associate Degree/Advanced Diploma? Why is it called by two alternative names?

The 2- year exit option could allow a student to take up a break for joining a job or for any other reason. After the break, it is possible to re-join in third year Degree Program (subject to possible syllabus variation). Two names are given for the fact that TLSU wishes to give Associate Degree for those leaving the University after successfully completing 2–year study. The name for such a qualification is subject to UGC approval. If there is any issue, Advanced Diploma will be awarded in place of Associate Degree.

What are the 3 year Degree Programmes are offered by University?

3 Year Degree Programmes offered by the University are
• B.Com in Finance and Business Operations (B.Com. FBO)
• Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
• B.Sc. in Hospitality & Tourism Management (B.Sc. HTM)
• B.Sc. in IT-Infrastructure Management Systems (B.Sc. IT-IMS)
• B.Sc. in Applied Science [Mechatronics] (B.Sc. MS)

What would be the fees? Is the fee different across programs?

Students are advised to refer to the prospectus to know the fee structure. For further details, the students may contact the Admission Section.

Fee payment is it monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly?

Fee payment has to be done on semester basis. For details, students are advised to refer to the prospectus or contact the Admission Section.

Is there a fee for On-Job-Training (OJT)?

No fee is applicable for on-the-job-training. Any expenditure pertaining to travel, stay, etc., during the training period has to be borne by the student.

Can you name a few companies where students would be going for OJT?

TLSU will direct the students to suitable workplaces appropriate with their course work. The purpose is to provide opportunity to observe the employees at work and to perform functions as directed. These two activities could facilitate the students to learn by connecting workplace practices to their course work. OJT could help students in becoming familiar with the workplace practices, behavior, technology and systems. As a result of this, the students could get job-relevant skills and enhanced employability. The details of companies chosen as venues for OJT would be shared with the student before the commencement of OJT.

Is there any provision of stipend during OJT?


Can I undergo OJT outside of Baroda?

Yes, OJT is permitted anywhere in Gujarat.

Will the students be selected for OJT on the basis of merit or everybody will get the chance for the same?

On-job-training is compulsory in 4th Semester of the program. All the students are required to undergo OJT. Necessary details will be provided before the commencement of OJT during the 4th Semester of study.

Would text books be provided by the university?

It will be a mixture of prescribed textbooks and web materials. The textbooks, if prescribed, have to be purchased by the students.

Are you providing Library, Canteen, and other basic facilities?

Library facility will be available to students for reading/reference of Books, Journals, Magazines, etc. In future, the digital formats will be made available. TLSU is in discussion with interested parties for setting up of Cafeteria facility in the campus for the benefit of students. TLSU would provide other basic facilities as required in the campus.

Is there any provision for transport/hostel facility in the University?

Transport or hostel facility is not made available by the University at present. However, the outstation students who would require accommodation facility may approach the admission section for details on any accommodation facility available for students in the nearby area.

How will TLSU assist in placement? Is TLSU committed to place its pass outs? Will you arrange for campus placements?

TLSU will take efforts to contact employers from various sectors with a view to providing opportunities for the students to face job selection processes/interviews either at the campus or in the work places. The students are advised to take up seriously job skills related courses offered as part of course work. For instance, students need to give adequate attention to English and Communication Skills as well as Personality Development and Job Skills courses apart from domain based courses. These courses would provide much of the inputs for facing the job interviews. The students are advised to make proper use of these courses, counselling and campus interviews to secure job.

Are there job openings for a Mechatronics graduate in Baroda/Gujarat?

The curriculum designed for mechatronics program is industry relevant. There are reputed national and international production plants and services divisions across Gujarat. There is significant job opportunity for candidates with necessary skills.