B.Com (Finance)

Finance & Business Operations

The competition is stiff for new graduates, so having options doesn’t hurt. You may not get your dream job straight out of the gate, but getting experience to accerlerate your finance career will help you advance to top accounting and finance jobs down the road. This course will lay emphasis on the practical aspects with a solid knowledge base. The course not only aims at training students to gain knowledge in the fields related to Accounting & Finance but also leads to the all-round development of their personality. Those who will complete B.Com (Finance & Business Operations) can immediately work within the line of industry or trade that is the focus of the programme.

Program Objective

Fee : Rs. 10,000/Sem

*Note : First four semesters correspond to Associate Degree. All the six semesters constitute Bachelor’s Degree Programme. In other words, Semesters I to IV are common for Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programs.

Any candidate who has passed 12th Std. / 12th Equivalent in 10+2 pattern with commerce is eligible to apply.

On Job Training (OJT)

A student has to undergo On Job Training (OJT) at end of fourth semester. On Job Training gives candidates real life exposure to organizations, their work culture, the processes and policies of the industry. It is an essential part of the learning curve and makes the students job ready. Students until now have mastered the theoretical aspects of commerce and Management. Hereafter the student spends time with more knowledgeable and skilled personnel of an organization to learn the ropes in each department. They spend a week or so in each department to get familiar with the processes. Finally they may be given a small real time job to execute on their own. The coaching and mentoring given to students helps them to take on the job independently while reporting to the superior. Trainees, as they are referred to during this period, provide feedback on the course and work to superiors with close monitoring from mentors. This may be done till the trainees are able to execute the job flawlessly maximum 8 weeks.

Internal Viva-voce

At the end of semester five an internal viva voce will be conducted for checking the knowledge and understanding of the student for core and specialization areas.

Project Report and Viva-voce

At end of sixth semester the students has to submit a Project report in his area of specialization followed by external viva voce. The project should be completed under the supervision of Guide allotted by the University.

The job opportunities in the Finance & Business Operations segment are huge. The successful graduates of TLSU could foresee positions in the industry such as Accounts Executive, Accountant, Finance Executive, Tally Trainer, Taxation Executive, Portfolio Consultant, Terminal Agent, Relationship Manager-Retail Banking, Insurance Advisor, Financial Consultants, etc.

  • Blended Mode of Teaching (Combination of F2F & Using Cloud)
  • Blogs and Discussion Forums to clarify doubts 24×7
  • Use of different softwares related to Accounting & Finance like Tally.
  • Problem Based Teaching / Case Based teaching along with Peer Group Learning
  • Focus on practical aspect of BFSI Sector by filling up different Forms, Challans, Cheques, Drafts, Annual Returns, and Financial Statements.
  • Life Skill courses like Computer Skills, Soft Skill and Job Skill Courses
  • OJT i.e. On the Job Training

Department Mentors

Dr. Anupam Mitra

M.Com, Ph.D, ICWA, CS (I), UGC-NET, SLET, HOD & Associate Professor, I/C COE, Commerce & Management

Dr. Anupam Mitra has 22 years of experience out of which 13 years in teaching and 9 years in industry. He has altogether 15 publications in different national and international refereed journals from UK, USA, Ghana, Brazil and India. He has also presented several research papers in national and international conferences.His research interest lies in Banking, Accounting and Taxation, Micro-finance, Stock Market etc.

Dr. Ashutosh Sandhe

M.Com, Ph.D, CS, SAP-ERP, Associate Professor, Commerce & Management

Dr. Ashutosh Sandhe has a total of 18 years of experience out of which 7 years of industry, 3 years as Practicing Company Secretary and 8 years of full time academic experience.He has worked in reputed corporates like Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. He has held various administrative positions in his previous jobs in a highly reputed institute.

He has till date published 9 research papers in the area of Marketing Management in peer reviewed International Journals and presented 4 papers in International Conferences. In addition to this, he has participated in numerous national and international conferences, workshops and faculty development programmes.

Dr. Manoj Sharma

M.Com, MBA, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Commerce & Management

Dr. Manoj Sharma has about 9 years of Teaching Experience in the field of Finance & Accounting & 3 years of Industry Experience. He has completed his Ph.D in Business Administration from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He has published a book and altogether 6 Research papers in national/ international peer reviewed journals.

Shivangi Shukla Bhavsar

MBA, Ph.D (Pursuing), Academic Associate, Department of Commerce & Management

Ms. Shivangi Shukla Bhavsar has 4 years of academic and 3 months of Industry experience. She has done her MBA from S.P.University and pursuing her Ph.D in Management from the same university. She has presented and published 13 research papers in national and international Conferences. She was awarded with best research paper in 03 presentations in different conferences. She has also participated in various State as well as National level Workshops. Her area of interest are services marketing and healthcare management.