Certificate Course in MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint


This is an introductory course on the basic functions of Microsoft Office 2013. MS Office being the most widely used application around the world, every student/working professional needs hands-on knowledge to complete his tasks effectively. In this course, the participants will be introduced to MS Word 2013, MS Excel 2013 and MS PowerPoint 2013.

Program Objective

To familiarize the participant with the working of MS Office 2013 applications helping him become more productive in his work or study area. At the end of this course, the participant would have learned to:

  • Create a document in Microsoft Word with formatting
  • Write functions in Microsoft Excel to perform basic calculations and prepare charts/graphs
  • Create a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint

Program Features

  • Audio video lectures by industry expert
  • Industry specific training curriculum
  • Online Faculty for query solving

Course Audience

This course is suitable for students from a Commerce or Non Commerce background who wish to start their career in the Accounting & Finance domain.


Any under graduate/graduate/post graduate

Course Duration

3 Months

Course Fees/ Price (In INR):


Course Structure

MS-Word 2013

No. Topics
1 Introduction
2 New features in 2013
3 Formatting Text
4 Formatting Paragraphs
5 Formatting Document Pages
6 Using Find and Replace
7 Working with Templates
8 Using Advanced Formatting Options
9 Working with Headers and Footers
10 Working with Columns
11 Using Headings and Styles
12 Working with Tables
13 Using Charts, Diagrams and Organization Charts
14 Using Notes and Tables of Figures and Authorities
15 Creating Indexes and Tables of Contents
16 Using Master Documents
17 Automating Tasks
18 Document Protection
19 Project based on course contents

MS-Excel 2013

No. Topics
1 Excel General Features
2 Formulas and Functions
3 Worksheet Formatting
4 Data Management
5 Data Analysis
6 Charts and Graphics
7 Formatting Worksheets
8 Working with Names
9 Working with Formulas and Referencing Techniques
10 Setting Validations and Criteria’s
11 Analysing Worksheet Data
12 What If Analysis
13 Advanced Excel Functions
14 Working with Objects
15 Protecting Data
16 Using Basic Integration and Web Features
17 Report creation and Analysis
18 Project based on course contents

MS-PowerPoint 2013

No. Topics
1 Introduction
2 Getting Started with PowerPoint
3 Creating Presentations
4 Modifying Presentations
5 Using Proofing Tools
6 Creating and Inserting Charts and Tables
7 Working with SmartArt
8 Inserting Multimedia Elements
9 Inserting and Modifying Objects
10 Creating and Inserting Charts,
11 Tables and Multimedia Elements
12 Formatting Presentations
13 Reviewing and Delivering Presentations
14 Printing Presentations
15 Project based on course contents