Manish Sabharwal

Chairman- TeamLease services Ltd & President

The next twenty years for India are going to be very different for the last twenty years. The high growth path of the Indian economy is creating a skills shortage thatTeamLease Skills University (TLSU) aims to sell. TLSU, India’s first Skills University, recently crossed one lac students and aims to be India’s largest non-government university in 10 years.

TLSU is different from traditional universities in three ways; i) It prays to the one god of employers; 750 employers drive its governance, courses, and pedagogy and pay 97% of its costs, ii) It offers students four classrooms; On-campus, Online, On-site, and on-the-job, iii) It offers students four qualifications; Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced diplomas and Degrees.

TLSU aims to combine Apprentices with other forms of learning to strike the right balance between degrees, skills and employment pathways. But the base offering is degree linked apprentices. TLSU, as a PPP with the Government of Gujarat, will continue to innovate and expand to include labour market outsiders by providing a lifelong and continuous learning platform for repair, prepare and upgrade for youth, people from small towns, apprentices, workers, people with skills seeking to self-certify, or people seeking to re-enter the labour force.