National Employability through Apprenticeship Programme (NETAP) is India’s fastest growing blended apprenticeship training programme. It is an apprenticeship programme offered by TeamLease Skills University based on National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM) guidelines notified by Ministry of HRD. Vision of NETAP is to bridge the skill deficit in industry by enhancing the employability quotient of the youth through apprenticeships.

Set up in 2014 as a 100% employer funded Public Private Partnership (PPP), NETAP stakeholders currently include Teamlease Skills University, Schoolguru, CII and Ministry of Skill Development. India's current weak penetration of apprentices - only 35,000 employers create positions equalling 0.01% of the workforce - is rapidly changing. NETAP believes that India can reach the short-term goal of 1 million employers creating apprenticeship positions equal to 1% of our labor force (Germany has 2.7%). It also offers online academic connectivity to apprentices from 25+ Universities for 200+ certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate courses, offers employers a range of digital solutions for trainee workflow management, and sends 200 trainers every day to employer sites for targeted learning interventions. NETAP being output driven, facilitates employers to design training programmes relevant to their organization and industry to create the right talent.



  • Have enhanced employability of 1.4 lac youth across job roles and industries
  • Partnered with more than 500 employers across sectors.
  • Pan India presence - 29 states, 3500+ locations.
  • - dedicated portal to aggregate supply and cater to demand for apprenticeships.
  • Integrated digital platform to manage end-to-end training and trainee life cycle.
  • Certification for India's first & largest Skills University TLSU (PPP with Govt. of Gujarat)





1.3 LAC





Create workforce relevant to organization and Industry.

Cost Effective way to create talent (vs Talent Acquisition).

To enhance productivity by blending work-based learning with classroom learning.

Create workforce relevant to organization and Industry.

Real-time talent availability to cater to attrition.

Optimize hiring Cost.


Learning by Doing and Learning while earning are the objectives of the Apprenticeship programme for a trainee who enrolls with NETAP.

  • All trainees will be enrolled as students of Teamlease Skills University.
  • TLSU will sign an agreement with the employer for the payment of stipends (pass through to candidate), an administrative fee (to meet costs for the non-profit operation that will decline with scale) and providing training slots.
  • The employer will receive a single invoice for stipend amounts and service charges every month.
  • TLSU will provide trainees with a unique ID number, a call center in 13 languages, a web portal, and handle all regulatory filings.
  • At the end of the training period, the employer will have the first right to hire the candidate else he or she will return to TLSU.


  • Building a pipeline for bottom of pyramid hiring
  • Single window for national compliance
  • Trainees can be appointed in any trade or function at any location in India
  • All trainees will be enrolled in a free 200 hour online course for soft skills, English and computers. They can further enroll voluntarily or via the employer for other TLSU certificate/diploma/associate degree courses delivered online
  • Cost effective way to build talent supply chain
  • Certification from India’s first private skills university and its 25 partner universities
  • Customization depending on training needs
  • Optimization of hiring cost
  • CSR